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Root Clockwork to recover sd contents

So I think my SD card is done for but how does clockwork recognize it and can even install zips from it? Is there any way I could use clockwork to get all the files off of my card? I have stuff on there that means the world to me.... if not I guess I'll learn to back everything up.

Also is there any way to root 2.2 on my dx without an SD card? I have a PC available... well in my house I have four PC's. Any help for either of these would be greatly appreciated.
Have you tried putting the card directly into the pc? assuming that it has a card reader
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I am in the same situation. Clockwork seems recognize my sd card contents, but my PC cannot. I've used several recovery programs to try and get all of my pictures, but I am only recovering some of them.

I have tried Recuva and MiniTool Power data recovery.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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