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cm10 bringin task manager along

I read on here that u can supposedly restore the stock task manager from titanium backup onto a newly gotten cm10 ROM. I have restored many of my old apps and they restored just fine. I tried to do the same thing to the task manager but it wouldn't restore. Not to mention, before I could attempt to restore the app, it informed that this was part of a system on a different rom and it may not work. It didn't.

Soooo... has anyone successfully done this yet?
You can always get a task manager off of Google Play. That would be the easiest solution. I find that as long as you back out of apps when you are done wuth them so they are not active and are only cached as "recent", then if you make a demand on the system and it needs the memory, that Android itself will clear out what it needs.

Codegerm :D
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I looked at the aftermarket task managers. A lot of scary reviews really. Plus I figure there's a way. The voicemail app converted over NP with titanium backup but maybe its different type of program than stock task manager.

Ive heard that essentially there's no need for the task manager because like u said, the OS will automatically close apps if there is a demand for more memory. Still, I would love to have my old friend back. Lol
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Paranoid android is a hybrid phone/tablet ROM. T allows you to do some pretty unique things like running certain apps in tablet mode and other in the normal hone mode. I believe it also let's you say set the PPI per app.

Anyway, task managers aren't suggested for android. Many times they can do more harm than good. Let Andy take care of himself :)
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