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Root CM11S porting thoughts

I tried it. Didn't do much. Added audio fx and screencast and a camera. I like the camera. NO GREEN TINT! And it changed my lock screen but that's about it. Oddly enough I only get 3G right now and it was spotty and this somehow stabilized it lol.... Universal apn fix didn't get me Lte, I'm on a VM volt with cm11 11-20150110-unofficial-x5 using kernel 3.4.0
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No dice broham... Tried ur suggested build, Green tint galore, and no YouTube/video working. On the 1-12-15 build camera is great. Only build that works so far, No recording though. Yt works. Only I don't get good lte. I flashed back to stock, reflashed build. BANG! GOT LTE, then an hour later, gone! Only 3G, and its real spotty. Universal apn fix, eh, it no fix.....
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