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Root Cm9 wifi tether


Android Enthusiast
Feb 19, 2012
OK so I'm running cm9 and was using the native wifi tether and after using it I lost 3g. I rebooted and it didn't come back I wiped both caches and it didnt come back so I reinstalled the rom with a data wipe and bam 3g working so my question is does any one else have this problem or is it just me I had a script to run at boot to increase data speed and basically its the first three or four tweaks on the 108 tweaks file possibly it was what did it. wait I think I just figured it out. Maybe that file broke my three g for me does any one else have that problem on cm9
I realize that tweak was for cm7 but I thought hell I will see if it works and it did a great job till I tried to use wifi tether.

Also if anyone has some tweaks for cm9 link them here please.


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