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Android Expert
Jul 28, 2011
Saginaw, MI
I tried searching for a CM9 thread but could not find any. I just installed the latest version of CM9 Devils Toast 0.7.4 It runs great, but just in the last half hour, I am getting this window that pops up and says, unfortunately, Trebuchet has stopped working. I click ok and it keeps popping up. I can't do anything when this window pops up. I have to take the battery out and have it reboot, thats the only thing I can do. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?? Before I installed this, I was on midnights latest rom. I did do a factory reset, wiped cache and davlik also. This window is popping up about every ten minutes or so??
Hey, thank. This maybe a stupid question, but how do I do a proper search. If I go to the Evo V 4G Forum and search under the thread, which I typed CM9 and nothing came up for results. If I click on the search above that, it takes me to cm9 results but its not in the evo v forum, please help so I can get this right.
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