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Color Note issue


Jun 27, 2013
I recently purchased a new Galaxy 4 and immediately downloaded Color Note. I have used it on my last 4 phones. Had no problem at all restoring the backed up data from my card. Unfortunately the phone was defective and I had to exchange it today. Downloaded the Color Note app and when I try to restore my data it totally shuts down my phone. I took it back to the AT&T store, they worked with it and couldn't find anything wrong with the phone. They did some research on the Color Note app and noticed there was an upgrade recently and they think this is what is causing my problem.

Has anybody else had this issue? I can't get my data. It locks up my phone when I attempt try and creates havoc with my phone so that I have to remove the battery. Everything else works fine until I try to back up Color Note from my sdcard.
Welcome to AF, dihigg! :)

I am not familiar with that app or your phone either, but i have a couple of suggestions.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Android Forums

Android Applications - Android Forums

One link is for your phone sub community forum and the other is just where folk sometimes discuss Apps. Try asking about the issue in whichever one you think best and see if someone has an idea. :)

I hope you get it straightened out!
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