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Come, journey into my SMS.db nightmare...

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Dec 25, 2020
I am having a problem with my new Samsung Galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA phone.

I've logged 200+ hours in phone calls to iphone support and samsung support and verizon support, which has been a 3 ring circus show of untrained reps that have no idea what they are saying, and are just copy and paste snippets from outdated help documents. I have had to piece everything together by myself.

I am hoping to find an expert on here with experience Android mobile phone (NOTE 20 GALAXY ULTRA) system speed optimization?

Why, you ask?

My SMS.db has grown too large, and it is causing the phone to be slow. Also I cannot search quickly through messages. If you have experience with optimizing SMS.db and speeding up phone, please apply. I am having a mental breakdown and losing my mind over this. :)

This all started back in Jan 2021, when I switched from iPhone 10 to Samsung Note 20. I had previously been using Iphone for 10 years, and decided to make the switch to Android. I am absolutely loving the Android NOTE 20, but loathing the migration process, which has been fraught with roadblocks.

Needless to say, this entire migration process has been a challenge. But I was able to successfully migrate my SMS data from the Iphone to Android. Notice I said SMS data? Yes, without MMS. :( I tried iSyncios, Smart Switch, Dr. Fone, Imobie, AnyTrans, IBackUpBot and Imazing software, and none of the could successfully transfer all of my SMS with MMS. The only software that was able to successfully transfer only the SMS was called AnyDroid, but it did not transfer MMS (only SMS). So I reluctantly settled for that, because the other softwares could not even recognize the SMS.db database. All others were simply unable to recognize my SMS.db file from iphone (which happens to be 200GB SMS.db file). I have been told that 200GB is not that large, but it is "large-ish"

Before attempting to transfer my SMS from iphone to android, I tried uploading all of my iphone SMS to ICLOUD, however, that did not work either. The iphone starts to transfer and then it goes about 1 mb every hour in upload speed and fails. I have tried multiple PC's, tried deleting the icloud, renabling, re-formatting the iphone, etc, nothing worked. I made dozens of calls to Iphone support, more frustration, getting no where. This leads me to believe that there's a corruption inside of the SMS.db that needs to be examined by a developer with experience.

If I can fix the SMS.db, then perhaps it would finally upload to ICLOUD, and then I could use these 3rd party softwares to download it from ICLOUD into the ANDROID.

Come, journey deeper into my nightmare...

Here are the main issues:

1. SMS is very slow to send a text message, whether sending from default Samsung Messages App, or from Google Messages app, each message is taking 7+ seconds to send a simple message. I have tried clearing the cache on the apps (does not fix) I need to find a developer who can clearly articulate their understanding of this problem, and provide a clear description of how they will approach resolution. Switching to Textra did not work either. I need the text message database to be fixed, so that the phone can find message content instantly, without taking forever to search through the messages. This will require that we clean up the SMS.db as well I think, and reduce the size. I need all work to happen via screen share, I will connect my phone to the screen, and you will have full control of the phone.

2. The SMS search function does not really work at all. I tried using Google Message app, but when I ran a few search tests, it does not properly index all of my messages, only a certain amount of my messages. Is there anyone who understands why this happening? It seems like it is only indexing 30 days or something. I need to find someone who with experience with this issue, and understands how to compress the SMS.db database, and essentially due "surgery" on the SMS.db, and clear out large files to minimize the database size, while maintaining the MMS inside of the text message threads. Then, ultimately, I need a developer who can explain how they will cache the database so that the search functions happen faster, as I can't be waiting 20-30 seconds for a search to complete. I think the SMS database may have some character corruptions, and needs to be examined by a developer and fixed, perhaps some bad characters stuck in there? I need to find a developer who can clearly articulate their understanding of this problem, and provide a clear description of how they will approach resolution. I need to find a developer who can clearly articulate their understanding of these issues, and provide a description of how they will approach resolution.

3. Contacts profile photos are not showing in some contacts. I need someone to help me find a way to sync up my contact profile photos from the old Iphone database.

If you can help fix these problems please write back with a clear description (INLINE) detailing how you will approach resolution.

Please put your reply under each point listed above. Leave the point listed, and do not delete it, put your reply BELOW it.

In conclusion, I need to get my new Android phone to index my entire 200GB SMS database (which was previously on Iphone 10) , fix the slow search speed by implementing a cache solution (requires advanced knowledge of android code and infrastructure) fix the problem of slow sending SMS.

Please let me know what your approach will be for each point, along with your hourly rate, and estimate of hours to resolve.

All I really want is to be able to search my text messages without the app crashing, send text messages without having to lag issues, and get my MMS inside of my original SMS.db

Is that so much to ask? :)

Smile, it's contagious!


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the answer to all your problems is.........

get a new phone. the original note from samsung came out in 2012. it is very old and i'm not surprised you are having issues. your issues cannot be fixed with the phone you have now.

i have the note 10+ and no issues with sms being slow.

you can try a hard reset and see if that will help, but i doubt it.
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The OP has simply posted in the wrong forum. The post itself says that they have a Note 20.

I guess from the way the post is written that "SMS.db" may be a iPhone database. I've limited experience with iPhone, but would assume that they use their own database format for these things which is different from an Android SMSMMS database file (hence the need for tools to transfer). From the size I'd also assume that it's mostly media messages, with including a lot of video, since I can think of no other way it could be 200GB in size (I have about 10.5k SMS on my phone and the backup file is about 11MB in size, which implies that 200GB would accommodate about 200 million SMS, and to build that up over 10 years would require about 54,000 texts per day ;)). Put another way, if that was mostly SMS then the file is corrupted in some strange way, because there is no way that SMS can take up that much space.

A corrollary of that would be that the database on the Note 20 should be much smaller than this if only SMS were transferred. So how much space is the Phone and Messaging Storage app using? That is the app that actually stores messages and call logs, i.e. that owns the phone's internal message database - you'll have to tell your "App Manager" Settings to show system apps, since by default the phone doesn't show you apps like this. Knowing the size plus how many messages your SMS apps think you have might help work out whether there is something messed-up here: if the storage used is disproportionate to the number of messages, and the messages are all SMS, that would imply that the transfer did something weird which might explain your slow response.

You could try different SMS apps (some are faster than others), but I suspect that's not where the problem lies.

Unfortunately I've no experience of transferring messages from iPhone to Android. I'd have thought that Samsung's setup app would have handled that though, since it's a very common use case, so I'm surprised you had to mess with all of these third party apps anyway.
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