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Compass and map problem


Android Enthusiast
Nov 20, 2009
I noticed that when I am lookinh at google map (satellite or normal),
when I turn the phone the map will not stay to point to the same direction.
It turns with the phone. Is this the way it should be?

I also downloaded the Compass application.
and it behaves kind of wierd: holding the phone horizonally, I turn around.
The compass should keep pointing to the north regardless how I turn.
Mine is all over the place. If I point the phone to NE, it does show the
N direction but when I try to turn the phone to point to the North it goes all over the place.

This is regardless GPS on or off.

I am still at 1.5...
PS I did go through the figure 8 calibration. Did I miss anything?

Thanks Peter
Regarding the compass issue, isn't there a setting to have the hand always point north or always point the direction you're facing??

Other than that, I have no idea haha

Compasses by definition should always point to north...

how do you mean "... point the direciton you're facing" ?
How would the thing know where am I facing? :thinking:

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