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Help Complex Circumstances and no mounting...


Mar 10, 2011
Oh boy. I Read everything I could find here and on google, but it seems I have some unique circumstance going on here and I need help.

I recently flashed to cm6 on my ascend. Since then the wi-fi doesnt work, SMS wont send, battery dies quick (although I enjoy the speeeed :)) and the SD card will no longer mount on my computer which prevents me from reflashing or downgrading the ROM to get away from these issues.

I think I'd rather try Icarus to eliminate most of those issues, so the main problem is not being able to transfer anything to my phone.

Card has been formatted, app2sd uninstalled (to see if that was hindering the mount) usb debugging is active and I can mount the sd card on the phone, but no luck mounting on my mac. And yes it used to connect fine before.

SIDE NOTE: I noticed the terminology changed to "turn on usb storage" instead of mount, and I do get a little CD icon on my desktop but it seems to only point to an internal folder on the phone, with one file titled "dummy" and upon turnong on USB storage, nothing changes. Also, the CD icon/folder is read only

And go!
My best advice would be to get an SDcard reader.

I have the same problem with wifi, and mms doesn't work for me... but I think that has something to do with something I restored through TIBU.

I'm planning on reinstalling cm6 without the TiBU restore to see if that helps. I'm wondering if that might be the solution to your problems as well.

PS: I have had nothing but problems with Mac's as far as this phone goes.
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This little, "turn on usb strorage" should give you the option on your phone to turn it on, with a little android guy above it. I believe turning on the USB storage function, should allow you to be able to use it via your computer. It will allow you to see all of the options, via a small pop up. I wish I could help more, but being as I am not even on CM6, I can't... I am running the official 2.2.2 OS... And it works great! Especially after I rooted, removed bloatware, and such!
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