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Conan O'Brien's Free VR Viewer

That was super fast and easy. Works as advertised with my HTC One M8. Ran into one glitch though. When I first tapped on 360 to view his introduction all I got was a black screen with audio. Then his intro ran fine. Now I'm trying to watch his Dallas TX opening monologue and the video froze but the audio continued. The power button wouldn't turn it off so I had to long press for a restart to get back to normal. I wonder If I should have done that restart before I tried playing the content? Oh well, I can't think of any real uses for this viewer other than viewing videos but for that it's a pretty cool experience.

Now I'm off in search of some VR content. Anybody got any favorite sites for stuff like that?
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This promotion reminds me of the Crack epidemic in a way. The first taste is free, then you're hooked. Now I want Google Cardboard or some other VR headset with controls. I'm going to try to stay low budget though and just get Google Cardboard. Now I have to just have to figure out a way to make my own head mount...
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Let me call 2015 (when that was posted) and ask ;)
let me ask last year, why you are responding now (1 year later)???
Cracking Up Lol GIF by Rodney Dangerfield
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