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Considering moving from a Galaxy To A Droid

Should I stay or should I go?

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Hey all.

I'm looking for a little advice from the very knowledgeable people here on Android Forums.

I purchased a Samsung Android at the end of July. It developed a fault, and after about 4 months I've finally gotten it back. I have quite a few issues with Samsung, namely the poor after sales service.

I also am very disappointed with the battery life. I know that if I wanted, I could methodically remove each app I have installed and test how this impacts battery life, but I didn't get the phone so I could spend half my time trying to get it to work right.

I'm very happy with Android, its Samsungs packaging of it that I have a problem with.

And that's what brings me here. I'm considering cutting my losses and switching the Galaxy for a Droid.

What are peoples thought on that? Am I being unrealistic in my expectations of the Galaxy? Am I over estimating the Droid? Is there another killer Android phone coming out that it might be worth my while waiting for (I saw the Xperia X10 and it looks like a fantastic phone, but I think it not due out till Q1)?

I appreciate any thought people might have on this.
The good thing about the droid is that its stock android 2.0. That means if any updates are made to the core OS, you can update OTA much faster then the other gui-enhanced phones.

Also the Droid is currently the first phone on Android 2.0 which improves a lot of features. You will see a new android phone pop out every 3-4 months now, so offcourse something "better" will always come out.

But the value that the droid gives you pays for itself. It is a great device, absolutely gorgeous screen.
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Thanks for all the responses guys. I think I'm going to take the plunge and buy a Droid (Milestone here in Europe actually).

I really was leaning towards it, but all of your positive comments just reinforced what I was hoping for!

I'll be back posting here as a Droid/Milestone user soon;)
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