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contact names/numbers


Aug 23, 2011
does anyone here have the habit of adding +1 in front of their contact's number? i started doing so when i added friends from overseas and the "+" sign is needed for sms to send and receive successfully. this was never an issue until i switched to the sensation 4g.

if i call that person, it uses the one with the "+" sign from my contacts. when that person calls me, it shows his name as it appears on my sim contacts, but without the "+" sign. when i try to sms this person, say i start typing his name, two contacts pops up: 1) contact saved on sim with the "+" sign and 2) same number without the "+" sign. that means the phone recognizes the number as this person. strange... if it treats the number with and without the "+" sign as different number, shouldn't it only pop up with the one on my sim contacts if i entered his name?


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