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Help Contact Primary Setting Not Working


Sep 3, 2010
Ok, Maybe I am missing something. Any help would be appreciated. Some Contacts defaulted to the Contact Details as a primary. I have tried changing the primary to the call number I want for the primary. It does not seem to work. Please tell me if I am doing this correctly.
I press the people button on the home page, then I press the photo of the Contact I want to view. Then I press the Index Card Icon. I am now looking at the Contacts Details.
I hold down the phone number I want to make primary. It never gives me the Make Primary Option.

If the Contact shows no Primary, I can set a Primary. But if the Contact already shows a wrong Primary, I can't change it.

Any ideas?
Ok, after searching the internet I found the answer.
In order to change whatever Primary is set for your Contact, you must first delete your Contact from any and all of the Groups they are assigned to. Then you can add them back into the Groups you want them in and finally you can then assign them whatever Primary you want.
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