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contract ending

Personally I wouldn't get a 4G phone myself. Three's network is pretty good and they are currently rolling out DC-HSPA which is even faster, nearly getting to 4G speeds without having to pay for a 4G phone (and their incredibly low data caps on 4G) :D

I would definitely go for either the Galaxy Note 2 or the Nexus 4. I've had a go with a N4 a few times recently and it is awesome, but I love the massive screen and huge battery of the note 2 :D
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I'd agree with CDPlant in all the fuss about 4G, especially in the UK....not worth it tbh. Too overpriced at present.

I agree with this... do think though that, once other networks roll it out, which shouldn't be too long, the price will become more competative/coverage will be much better.

I live 15 miles outside of Sheffield (which is one of the cities that has had 4G rolled out) and know that we don't get coverage where I live... makes it pointless for me (for now).
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Get a note 2 if screen size isnt an issue or s3


Get the nexus 4 from google, then upgrade your contract to a sim only plan for a cheaper monthly bill.

Seriously, if you're coming from a dhd, any of those mentioned above will be such an upgrade. Don't really know if it'd be worth waiting around tbh for a s4 because the phones out at the moment are so much more advanced than your current one anyway.
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