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Aug 15, 2011
Not sure if anyone is in the same situation as me, I have Copilot installed on my S4.
I use my phone to connect to the stereo in my car over Bluetooth so that when I get a call I can answer it hands free.
THe problem is that when my phone is connected via Bluetooth, I cannot get the application to output any sound.
To get it working I have to turn Bluetooth off which is a bit of a pain. Alternatively I can turn the stereo to Bluetooth audio which means I can stream music or sound from the phone but its either this or the radio. I don't want to stream radio from the phone because of the cost.
Sadly it looks like there is not an option to not send the audio over Bluetooth to the stereo.
Anyone in a similar situation and found a solution to this?
I have been in touch with Copilot on this one and they say that it is down to the device where is sends the outputs to. Is there some secret setting somewhere, whereby I can send the Copilot voices to the phone speakers instead of sending them over Bluetooth into nothingness? I cant be the only one who has this.
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I managed to fix this one myself. if you click on Bluetooth settings you can route phone via Bluetooth which was already ticked and there is another option (cant remember what it was) but I unticked it and voila - now I have phone calls going through my radio but my sat nav comes out of my handset as I wanted - yay - life is good
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