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Help copy and paste on Droid X

From the Wildfire thread, where you posted your question (I've moved your post to the X support area for you ;)) by JamesT:

"Get the URL to show at the top of the browser by pulling the screen down. LongClick (touch and hold) on the URL and wait for the options to appear."

"Share copies the URL and the page title and puts in your choice of GMail, Email, Message, Facebook, Twitter."

"or Copy page URL just copies the URL into you clipboard."

"To paste, you just LongClick in any text field."

Let us know if this works on the X.
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Text from a website is different than copying the URL.

You want to hit Menu > More > Select Text. Then you can swipe over the text you want to copy. To paste it, long press on any text entry field and hit Paste.

The browse xScope has a better copy/paste mechanism than the stock browser. It's one of the primary reasons that I use xScope. You can give it a try if you want. Here is the trial version:


Here is the full version if you like it enough to buy it:

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