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Copy/Paste Character Limits???


Android Enthusiast
Nov 3, 2009
Southeast US
I've searched and no one has addressed this topic (which has me worried).

I was using my native mail (not Gmail) app last night and needed to copy three paragraphs from a received email into an outbound message for a client.

When viewing the received message I went through the process to copy, long hold screen, highlight text with finger, release, "copied to clipboard".. great.

Transfer to new message, long hold screen, PASTE.

Excellent, wait, no I only see it pasting HALF OF THE LAST PARAGRAPH. Umm what happened to the other 2.5 paragraphs?

Let's try again, oops same result.... WTF!?

Is the Hero limited to the number of characters copied to clipboard?

Is ANYONE else experiencing this? Am I an idiot? (don't answer that.):eek:


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