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copy & paste in browser

Okay so i just got the 2.2 update, and i cannot figure out :thinking: for the life of me how to copy and paste in my browser. i want to select a text already in the browser (not in a type box) and paste it into a type box. before all i did was hit select text from the menu but it seems that option disappeared with the update :eek: i do alot of copy and pasting this way and need to figure this out. please help!!! thanks :D
From what I can gather, & what I do in my browser to copy & paste, is long click on the word you wanna start one...then a light blue highlight will pop over the word w/ a little bar you drag to highlight the rest of the words/sentences you wanna copy. After you done. Let go & an options menu will pop above the selected text. You can copy, share or search. I found out how to do it randomly. Also long pressing over a word will allow you to magnify whatever word your finger is over.
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