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samsung fascinate

  1. Gatis Rukmans

    Root Shut down sound

    Hello Recently i got a android and now i am customizing it for myself. And now i am stuck. Basically i decided to change startup and shutdown animations and sounds just because. For startup i successfully changed it to the droid peeing on the apple logo (because it is funny) but for the shutdown...
  2. G

    Root my phone is jacked!!! who's willing to help?

    ok so my phone is rooted and then i was mesing with the system apps n drive in my super user or titaniam back up and i some how took some thing out all i get now is a samsung screen. i got odin got the cords so if you know what to do then please help.:cool: I have a samung fasinate.
  3. fuzztone

    Root Old Fart (Tech-dinosaur) needs help, PLEASE! PROBLEM AFTER ROOTING

    Old Fart, Tech-dinosaur needs help, PLEASE! PROBLEM AFTER ROOTING: Rooted Samsung SCH-I500 (Fascinate) Verizon via Odin; teamhacksung_fascinatemtd-ota-eng.BUILD2.zip (4.0.3) After rooting a problem arose; while using Radio Shack Cat. No. 17-855 Wireless Phone Recording...
  4. K

    My Fascinate will not turn on! Please help!!

    Last night, I was looking at an article I found on facebook. I was reading the article, and my phone locked up (my phone has a tendency to freeze when I am using any web browser.) So I took out the battery like I do any other time that this happens. I put it back in after two or three seconds. I...
  5. Manoj210891

    Root Samsung Fascinate(T959) 4.2.2 Rom

    Features: 1 based on the official version of the production, smooth and stable 2 shutdown alarm clock, lunar calendar , call recording , calls attribution , smart dialing 3. system modest streamlining and updating and adding popular software 4 fixes widget layout issues 5. Brush automatic...
  6. Manoj210891

    Root Samsung Fascinate(T959) 4.1.2 Rom

    Samsung Fascinate ROM presentation : 1 from Official: Making the bottom based on the latest official 4.1.2 package; 2 Global Optimization: Optimize application program takes up memory size, optimal wifi , optimize network signal; 3 ultimate power : Join saving technologies, energy...
  7. P

    Root sch-i500 fascinate cyanogen mod and unbrick

    Hi, this is my first post, sorry if i put it in the wrong sub forum. i scrounged together all of the files required to... -unbrick this device -restore this device to stock -flash cm10.1 and g-apps since it took forever and there was a steep learning curve i wanted to put the result...
  8. S

    no messenger notifications

    I have the Samsung Fascinate. My facebook messenger notifications won't work. I've checked all settings and I have them turned on and a sound set. I've checked my phone settings but don't see where I can fix it! Its driving me crazy that it won't notify me. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it...
  9. M

    Root Finally Rooted... Think I broke it :(

    So tonight I finally rooted my phone. Only took 4 years to get around to it. I then installed a zip to update the flash player so I can watch HULU on the phone. Now it will not boot past the SAMSUNG screen. I neglected to back up before installing the update. Am I sunk? Thanks, Matt
  10. E

    Updating Samsung Fascinate

    Hi I'm having trouble with my Fascinate and I want to connect to Kies to update it. However, Kies doesn't seem to recognise the phone. I am using a mac, and have updated Kies but no luck. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know another way to update software? Thanks
  11. L

    Help Moving a Verizon Fascinate

    I'm looking to move my fascinate over to Straight Talk from Verizon. How do I start the process, or at least research it?
  12. T

    Root Hard bricked?

    Tried returning my Fascinate to stock and now can't get farther than "SAMSUNG" logo when powered on. When attempting to Odin back to stock GB it'll get as far as "factoryfs" then stalls out. Phone's screen goes all blue or all orange... Will not complete Odin. Bricked? bill Nexus 5
  13. 20GT

    Root How to bypass the atctivate screen?

    Samsung fascination thru verison how do i bypass the activation screen? I do i have to root it to bypass the activations screen? don't want to use it as a phone just as a WiFi device
  14. pfoneguy

    Root Where to find a working thread/site to root?

    Can someone post a link to a thread or a site that has the instructions and also "working" links/files so you actually root the Fascinate, everything seems to be broken. I mean there are still plenty of these devices out there and still selling well on eBay. Thanks. :)
  15. C

    Help Galaxy S Fasinate Help!!

    I was fooling around with my samsung galaxy Fasinate and i added icecream sandwich, but when i tried to get all my data back by restoring off a back-up i had created, my phone would no longer turn on. it can still go to download mode, but it wont load up the main device. please help. i really...
  16. J

    Help Updating Fascinate firmware

    I bought a used Fascinate with firmware 2.2.1 . Has anyone been able to update to 2.3?
  17. J

    Help No Google Play Store... how to install

    I got a used Fascinate which has Market rather than Play Store, and clicking Market leads to a non-existent URL. Any way to get rid of Market & install Play Store? Ed
  18. J

    Help fascinate cycling on and off?

    I purchased a used fascinate phone that I want to use with my straight talk account. I just received it today and found the screen to be cycling on and back off pretty much constantly. I reset the phone with no help. The firmware version is 2.3.4 I have read of this problem a few other...
  19. S

    Root Root trouble VW Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate

    Ok. I hope this is in the right spot. I have read thru the forums and can not seem to find a solution to my problem.. To start, I have a Verizion Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate. I am wanting to Root it in order to install Jellybean Rom.. Im using ODIN for this. These are the two links I am...
  20. J

    Root Another newbie root issue

    I have a Fascinate (VZ) running on Page Plus and wanted to root in order to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich using the following procedure: 1. Install Odin(v1.3) and Clockwork Mod (cwm4 fixed for cm7). 2. Put ICS from Team Hacksung and gapps file 20120429 on SD card. I am able to use Odin...
  21. B

    Root Newbie...Just rooted...what rom?

    Hello everyone...I am new to the forum though have been reading for about a year before posting myself. :) I just rooted my phone yesterday using superoneclick, and downloaded apps to freeze apps, and an app for a firewall so pretty happy to have those options. The next thing I'm looking into...
  22. G

    Help My Fascinate is Slooooow

    My Fascinate is really slow, any suggestions.
  23. ineedhelppp

    Root nandriod backup to another phone?

    ok so here's the deal my droped my fascinate on the side of the road and it got ran over horribly. i had made a nandroid the day before and i was wondering if i got a new phone could i just tranfer only the data part of the nandroid to another phone that isn't a fascinate.
  24. L

    Help Restarts 3 times then seems to work

    I have a galaxy showcase which is straight talks fascinate. It just started an issue when I start it up it will start up and shutdown 3 times then seems fine. Any idea as to why or a fix?
  25. J

    Help help please

    the phone keeps rebooting and says some words in the screen that are too fast for me to read and then reboots i used the 3 finger method and i go into CwM Voodoo lagfix Recovery v2.5.1.X which i appiled the following: - wipe data/factory reset - wipe cache partition - wipte dalvik chache...