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Corporate Calendar Duplicate Entries


Nov 23, 2008

Has anyone else noticed a problem with Corporate Calendar showing duplicate meeting entries? Everything was fine until my corporate password expired. After I reset my corporate password, changed the Droids corporate mail/calendar password to match and now all of my calendar entries have been duplicated.

Anyone have a solution for this?
I had this problem and do have a solution that does not require wiping out the phone.
1. If calendar widget is running, delete it by dragging it to the trash.
2. Remove the exchange account from the Droid.
3. Restart the Droid
4. Recreate the exchange account on the Droid.
5. Let is resync which will take a few minutes
6. Voila….! Celebrate!
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Has anyone found a fix for this. I an syncing with my Exchange 2010 server and daily ALL of my calendar events duplicate. It took a while for me to figure out the duplication pattern but it's like clockwork just about the same time I created the email profile on the phone, the events duplicate.

I am a heavy calendar user and this is a big disappointment and over time the phone slows down. I've had my HTC wiped clean by sprint and then I set everything back up again and the problem still exists.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
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I'm running 2.2 on the incredible and have the same problem, now with 4 entries per actual entry. I tried following the instructions to no avail. I also tried:
1. Delete widget
2. Delete exchange account
3. Clear calendar storage and calendar cache
4. Power down device
5. Remove battery
6. Restart
7. Recreate account

And I still get multiple entries..... There is obviously something wrong with the HTC calendar app.
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I manage android phones for company and I'm having the same issues with our Incredibles after the 2.2 upgrade. The problem we are having is a user is getting about 4-5 duplicate calendar entries for every entry. On both the phone and when using the Outlook client on his PC. I will try your method to get the phone back to one entry but I'm thinking next time it syncs with exchange, all the duplicate entries will get copied back to the phone. Is there any way to do like a duplicate search in Exchange before syncying the phone?
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