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Could root lead to better copy-paste?


Nov 10, 2009
One of my annoyances with the Droid is that it can be a pain to copy and paste the exact text I want. First of all, there's no system-wide standard (shift+screen in email, menu option in browser, long-hold in text boxes, UNAVAILABLE in most apps), and second, it's very hard to see the text you want to select when your finger is over it.

The Droid has such a big screen, it seems a shame that some of it can't be used in a context-sensitive way to make seeing the text you're selecting readable. Similar to the magnifier on the iPhone. Now, would the root make some system-wide standard copy-paste function possible? Does anyone know how the custom roms and other Android handsets tackle this? Would a root even be required to have an app that does something like this?


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