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Help Crash?


Feb 5, 2011
I received my wildfire yesterday and its my first Android phone so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I woke up this morning to what looked like a basic boot screen but it wasn't responsive. I tried pressing and holding the power button lots of times to get it to turn off/on then room the battery out and back in then it wouldn't start back up. I put it on charge, turned it on and it said it had 2% battery. It had about 20% before I went to sleep, is it likely that its lost that overnight and is that the screen I would see with a dead battery? Or did it crash and that's what killed the battery? Thanks

(i was going to attach a picture but can't upload it from my phone so I'll try in work )


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I must have somehow done that in my sleep then...
After replacing the battery it wouldn't reboot but I'm guessing that's just because the battery had died.
I've just spotted the orange text in the middle, would explain why I couldn't get the screen to respond. First thing in the morning isn't a good time lol.

Thanks for your help :)
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