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Creating a shortcut to a network file

The instructions at How to Create a File Shortcut in Android outline how to add a shortcut to your desktop using ES File Explorer. The shortcut can either be to a folder or a file.

It seems to work for LAN folders as well, but I can't seem to create a shortcut to a network file. The context menu doesn't include the option to "Add to desktop".

Is there any way of doing this - or is it yet another example of Google deciding that we're way too stupid to use our devices how we want?
Cool, once I found it. Many thanks.

For the record - here are the instructions for Nova Desktop users.

- long press on the desktop
- from the "Add to home screen" menu, select "Shortcuts"
- select the shortcut called "Add shortcut" with the orange and gray X-plore icon
- X-Plore will open. Navigate to the file or folder and select it (red tick)
- select the "OK" button
- choose a name that will be used to annotate the shortcut
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