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Credit Check on Upgrade


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May 13, 2010
I'm sure most people knew this but what with the premium add on charge of $10, I wanted to be sure. Since I am going through a refi on my mortgage, I didn't want another credit check. Sprint confirmed for me, in writing, that a new check is not required if you are going through an upgrade...only at "original" activation.

Just an FYI for anyone out there upgrading to the Evo on the 4th. Should make your time in-store pretty fast.
Would make no sense to do a new credit check.....you are already under contract with Sprint, or in service with them.

And the new $10 add on is no different than up'ing your plan, so if you are existing, there shouldnt be any credit check any way.

I mean, unless you were repeatedly late with payments....I cant see why Sprint would even bother looking at your credit if youre existing.
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Since my contract expired, for the past 3 years, I am on month-to-month with them. Since my payment is auto charged to my credit card, never a late payment. Per my sprints rep, there will be a credit check. Perhaps she is wrong?

They don't need to do credit checks with existing contract customers. New accounts will get credit check. If you're an existing customer and they want to do another credit check, ask them why and then ask for a supervisor or another more experienced rep to answer why.

Then for fun ask them to provide you with a copy of their last 5-7 years of financial statements so you can make sure they're going to be in business to hold up their end of the contract as well.:)
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I meant any balances not paid off on your credit history account.. not an actual past due amount payment bill on Sprint. I'm currently with T-mobile and wanna switch over to Sprint to get this phone. So in that scenario, would they deny me to get the phone at $199?

doubt it. as has been reported, people with less than stellar credit have been approved for 3 and 4 lines. worst case scenario, you have to leave a deposit (real worst case scenario, you answer the identity questions wrong and they tell you to pound sand).
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