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Curious on this phone - how is performance ?

Mr Peabody

Dec 29, 2011
I'm interested in this Phone - mainly b/c it's low cost monthly contract for unlimited data.

Currently, I have an android tablet with CM7 ROM and overclocked to boost performance. I have been unable to find any overclocking custom ROM's for this phone.

1) How is the phone in terms of performance? Are there things that notably bog it down, or make it laggy in general?

2) I did a little surfing on this forum, but didn't notice any tweaks that really bumped the performance of the phone beyond it's out of the box state - and can't even find the device on XDA. Are there some ways to tweak the device up a bit, and boost the performance?

I consider myself an Android noob technically, but comfortable with android as an end user. I'm a able to follow instructions and would like to teach myself a bit about the ROM on this entry level device if it's not too challenging.

* How does this phone match up to an entry level phone like the EVO 4G ( running on 3G ) which is clocked slightly higher at 1ghz?

Until there's a dual core Pre-pay, this may have to do....

Welcome to the Forum.

I moved into this phone from a 5 year contract w/ ATT on a Motorola Razor.
This being my first Android I was excited by all the tasks it preformed and only slightly disappointed by what it wont do. IE Adobe Flash support due to processor, lack of Barcode Scanning. Yet learning to live without what I never had was easy for me.

You may find a quick jump into the water by finding the guru's on IRC.

One link here

Area 51 keeps their friendly peeps around also on WEB CHAT.

The Sticky on either Root or Precedent are jumping off points.

Some of the most stimulating reading I've done is in the Prevail forum, from hroark13 with Shabbypenguin straining my brain stem.
There are lots of self proclaimed noobs humbly doing work above and beyond the call of hobby.

Hope you enjoy the forum and can hardly wait for you to get your feet wet on something.

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Another phone I'm kicking the tires on is the Samsung Exhibit II 4G from T-mobile. The phone specs look a little faster @ 1 Ghz snapdragon and 4G @ 189.

It's ships with Ginberbread 2.3, Flash, and has 512 MB mem.

It's a little bit more per month, but possibly worth it .... ? Not sure about T-mobile network though.

Also, the Samsung Precedent. How does the Sprint contract work. Is there a cap @ 2GB and throttle down above that. That's how the T-mobile unlimited contract works. You pay extra for a higher cap, but after you reach your paid limit, the network throttles down your connection to 2G for the rest of month.
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Flash does not work on the Precedent because of a RAM limitation...

I only know what I can reference, and from what I read on Adobe's site our phone would need an ARMv7 processor or better.

From what my app tells me we only have an ARMv6

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