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samsung galaxy precedent

  1. Y

    Help Touchscreen not working

    Hello, Last night the touchscreen on my phone just decided to stop working. I didn't drop my phone or get it wet or anything -- it just stopped working out of nowhere. Can I fix this? Or do I need a new phone?
  2. Y

    Root No USB root for Precedent???

    Anyone know how to get around USB? My USB Port is busted and so I cannot use it. Here is what i have tried: z4root towelroot gingerbreak All my USB cords My sanity Apk's anyone?
  3. DerDoktor

    Help Extended power menu ok for Galaxy Precedent?

    :confused: everyone! how goes it? hope everything is copacetic! hey i was wondering, I found this while i was looking for something to fix a bootloop, [MOD] XXUBMEA Extended power menu - Post #1 - XDA Forum is the MDE/ME2/MEA Extended power menu ok for my Galaxy Precedent?"
  4. D

    Think I may have broken my antenna? Fix??

    I've been using this Galaxy Precedent for a couple years now, with no problems. Sure, it's not a high-end phone.....but it works for me just fine. I'd really rather not get rid of it, as I also have like 5 batteries for swapping out when I'm out of town, etc. Problem: Yesterday, I dropped my...
  5. B

    Help slow responding apps and cellphone after partitioning & getting cyogenmod on phone

    partitioned phone per prepaidguy9081. now phone apps don't run or constantly running slowly. for example cannot get newly downloaded Facebook app to run. ran the partition just to fix low memory problem now phone works so slow it is useless. HELP.
  6. M

    Root kit kat

    ik this is a stretch but is there gonna be a kit kat rom for this device
  7. S

    Remove Bloatware

    Ok - So my question is, I've got an older android phone that I got through wal-mart's straighttalk plan. The phone doesn't have an active 3G or 4G service on it anymore, I use it only for playing games from the play store over my home wifi connection. What I'm wanting to know is, is there any...
  8. M

    Help lost dictionary on galaxy precedent

    I had to restore to factory but lost all dictionary words .... how do i get them back... it keeps asking if i want to add common words to dictionary????
  9. D

    Media Device Only - No Phone Needed

    I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Precedent from eBay for cheap. The idea being that it will be used as a music/game device for my daughter. I don't want or need access to the phone functions. Further, this device is purchased with a bad ESN. I should be receiving it in a couple of days...
  10. Y

    Help Clearing space from internal phone memory

    Hi, I've been wondering if I could get anymore space on my phone. Just a couple of days ago, I uninstalled updates and cleared my user data from Facebook, and that left be with 51MB of space. But now, I only have 17MB of space left and I haven't been saving anything to my phone. Also I don't...
  11. P

    Help Rooting precedent on a mac?

    I am interested in rooting my samsung galaxy precedent. I have been reading up a lot on how to do this but I cannot figure out how to do this on my mac. The only Samsung drivers i can find are for windows, i have read that I don't need drivers for a mac and have also rad that I cannot do this...
  12. DerDoktor

    Help "ask on connection" missing

    Hello all! got a prob with my girlfriend's Samsung galaxy precedent SCH-M828C non rooted. "ask on connection" missing all it does is charge. Im on Windows 7 Ultimate, x64 I have tried: Reinstalling drivers Restarting phone, and computer multiple times Using different USB ports check the USB...
  13. P

    Help wifi nor bluetooth working

    i recently got my replacement phone not quite a week and i can't get bluetooth to turn on to pair, also noticed that i can't get wifi to turn on either.
  14. A

    Help the google application process unexpectedly has stopped.

    The google application process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again later. i have reboot it by going to settings went to privacy setting, then went to factory data reset.(NOTHING)... Then to settings to about phone system updates, checked for system updates, update profile, update PRL...
  15. W

    Root Trouble Rooting with Super One Click

    Having trouble rooting my Samsung Galaxy Precedent. (straight Talk) Android v. 2.2.2 I'm using Super One Click and it keeps stopping on step #5 (waiting for device). I've even tried re-booting before the program stops responding, but to no avail. Debugger is on, SD card removed,...still doesn't...
  16. L

    Help improve reception? antenna? or?

    We just moved to a downstairs apartment and are having reception problems, lost calls, etc We;re lucky to get a bar or two. Is there an app, antenna (internal or external) or any other tips to get this phone to work as good as our other older and cheaper LG and Nokia phones which work...
  17. B

    Root Precedent won't turn back on :(

    I have a straight talk Precedent. Rooted lastnight with the on click method. Everything was fine for hours. Woke up and it was plugged in,but off. Wont turn back on since. Nothing at all. Am I just done for?
  18. S

    Help How do I flash a ROM for Galaxy Precedent

    I bought a phone from a friend and they dont remember there pin password to get into the phone. I was told to flash a ROM in the phone but dont know the how. Any advice would be great. I would to have to be out the money I just spent.
  19. M

    Help Overheating battery

    My battery gets really hot and then my phone shuts down. Help? How can I fox this?
  20. A

    Help Samsung Galaxy Precedent shuts on and off

    The phone shuts off by itself, on the charger or not, no matter what I'm doing with it. I also noticed that the power button (just trying to turn off the screen) tries to turn off my phone every time rather than just when I hold it down. Help?
  21. J

    Help Horizontal lines on screen?

    Just took a picture about an hour ago, no problems. Locked it and put it in my pocket. Then I unlocked and the camera app was still up. I closed the app and noticed there's horizontal lines and a sense of flickering anywhere I look and the startup screen has crazy colors around it. Already reset...
  22. nickdalzell

    Dont let it get wet!

    Not talking water, I mean any kind of moisture like sweaty pockets and greasy palms! Mine had a very amusing day where it froze, rebooted itself and forgot I paid for some apps, then rebooted itself again, and one of my widgets literally flew off screen like a deflating balloon! Humidity wreaks...
  23. B

    Help Samsung Galaxy Precedent Will Not Turn On

    If you own this phone and have ever let it die, you will know that once it is plugged in, the screen will light up, and in the center will be an empty battery outline, that slowly fills up green over time unless you turn it back on. This morning on my walk home, it started POURING the rain...
  24. D

    Help Help:samsung galaxy precedent

  25. L

    Root Please HELP!?!?!?!? Cant Flash ROM

    Okay, so i rooted my Samsung Galaxy Precedent, and then i flashed the ROM, successfully ran AreaRom 2.3, then i wanted to flash back to stock ROM, so i followed this post h tt p:// android area51 .co m/sa msung-ga laxy-precedent /idiots-guide-so-you-broke-your-precedent/ and its back to stock...