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Custom Apple Burn Animation!


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May 3, 2010
Hey everyone. I'm working on a new bootanimation. My brother in law is a fireman and inspired me to make this. I have a preliminary rough draft. Looking for some testers and feedback.

Im planning on adding smoother animation for the droid and having the apple burn and ash away and turn into the android logo.

Boot Animation BURN2


Fixed the link on my computer. On the phone it only allows uploads of media files. I edited the filetype to .zip. So now just download, rename, and replace old file.

This is the second edition of the boot animation. I think it's starting to polish up nicely. The first edition was basically a structure and base design just to see where things go. This edition is slightly more polished. I noticed Andy does a little hop before starting the apple on fire but I kind of like how it triggers the flames. Please leave any feedback on changes I can make. Also, I'm going to upload some custom icons I made for myself and my brother in law.

Anyway here's the link to the newest edition

Boot Animation BURN3


I also posted this on XDA but I know when I frequented here I didnt know about the wonders of XDA forums.
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