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Help Custom Notification Issue


Well-Known Member
Dec 10, 2009
Columbus, OH
I am trying to use different notifications for different apps, and I'm running into a problem. I have created the Notifications folder on the SD card, and when setting the ringtone in the individual apps, the custom ringtones show up in the pulldown menu, can be selected, and will play. Then when it comes time for a notification to be played, the app plays the notification set as the default. If I go back into the app, the notification setting is set to default. I can re-set it to the custom sound, but it will reset itself to the default as soon as you close the app.

By way of troubleshooting, I went into the settings menu and set the custom notification as the default, then went into the various applications and set the old default (one of the standard sounds that came stock with the phone) as the new custom sound, and the same thing happened; the apps all set themselves to the default, so everything has the same notification sound.

The apps in question are Facebook, Gmail, stock email app, messaging, etc. The rom is the stock rom, current version (2.1?).

Any ideas?



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