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Root cyanogenmod help

you should have android 2.2 by G.O.T, you can find it here ( G.O.T.'s Blog )
then from the website you found download this file ( androidiani-openrecovery - Project Hosting on Google Code ), extract & copy to root of your SD card,
then download ( https://github.com/downloads/nadlab....31-cm-6.1.0-RC1-Milestone-signed.zip/qr_code ) & also ( http://cyanogenmod-mirror.local.host.name/gapps/gapps-hdpi-20101025-signed.zip ) & copy it to this adress: "/sdcard/OpenRecovery/updates".
then reboot your phone into Recovery mod & press "apply sdcard:update.zip"
then press "apply update" & from the menu first apply "update-0.03-10....." & then "gapps-hdpi......"

& now reboot & enjoy
This's the same thing I did & it works very good, but I'm not responsible for any mistake you make...
if you had any question just ask me
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