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Root Cyanogenmod not listed in ROM Manager App


Dec 14, 2010
After having my Captivate for a year, I've finally gotten up the courage to root it and flash a new ROM. I was able to root it easily. However, I was trying to flash the CM7 ROM (I've heard this is a good replicant of Gingerbread, which is what I'm after) from the ROM Manager app, but when I choose the option to Download ROM, CM ROMS aren't listed. There are only four or five different roms available. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? I'm new to this whole rooting thing, so I may be going about this in the completely wrong way.

Also, as I mentioned, I'm looking for a ROM that runs most closely to GB. Is CM7 a good choice, or should I be flashing something else? Also, will all my data be erased when I flash? I know I should back up for back ups sake, so I've backed up photos and contacts, but as far as app data, will that all be lost?

Thanks for your help and sorry for all the questions.
weird huh??? my buddy just downloaded cm7 from rom manager about a week ago and when i looked in rom manager it wasnt there anymore. but we flashed the cm7 that he got from rom manager and it kept boot looping. so i when we tried to restore his stock image back it said error restoring boot image. then we got stuck on the at&t screen. we couldnt even access the clockworkmod recovery screen or the factory recovery screen. so we had to odin.
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