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Darkstone Froyo on HD2

Is there anyone who has installed Froyo on theire HTC HD2? I got some problems

Have you looked at the links below

Start here
[TUT] Flashing your First GSM 512LEO Rom (For Noobs) - xda-developers

Then look here
[Discussion]Linux and Android on the HD2 *READ POST3 BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS* - xda-developers

Then my recommended Android releases
NB I personally use the Sense (Desire) flavour Android 2.2 in preference to Froyo
FroyoStone Sense v3.2
[BUILD][17.10.2010][FroyoStone Sense - V3.2][Kernel: linux_on_wince_htc] - xda-developers

You can also find a Darkstone Froyo thread as well (opposed to FroyoSense)

If you list specifics, I can try and assist.

The Darkstone Threads should contain what you need though.

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