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Who is your carrier?
Some have better service than others.

Did you set a data limit?
Or a data warning?
I know that on an older device, I did set up both a warning and a limit so that I would not use more than my monthly allotment.
But it screwed things up, and would tell me that I was out of data long before I actually was.

I had to eliminate both the warning and the limit, and then it worked fine.

My newer devices are not that way, I can set the warning and limit, and they work as they should.

Check and see if there is a warning and or limit set up on the data in your device, and if so turn them off.

Also, your device is rather old, and it is quite possible that your carrier has changed technology to the point where such a device can no longer use data over cellular.
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Data is gone....
He died last season on Star Trek Picard.
OMG!!!!!!!! you kill me sometimes......LMAO!!!!!
I have Samsung Galaxy J7 pop and out of no where it says no data. Where did it go?
it probably means data as in cellular data connection. reboot your phone, most likely it is just a glitch.
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