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De-Activated Droid X


Feb 16, 2011
I have an old Droid X that I kept when switching to my new Razr Maxx several months ago. I would love to have the X working on wi-fi only for a young child, but when I power it up, I can't get past the activate screen. Don't want to apply phone number to it via the activation call. any help would be appreciated.
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I'm not sure what you meant by "switching".

I had a Droid X and at the Verizon Wireless store I had it deactivated when I got a Droid Bionic. I transferred the number. I can use the Droid X for everything except voice and data through the tower. I have Wi-Fi access and it sounds exactly like that you are trying to do.

They just took care of it at the Verizon Wireless store when I signed the new contract with the Bionic. There was nothing that I needed to do other than turn the Droid X on.

... Thom
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Tried touching the four corners trick but didn't work. From which screen do you do this? When it first starts up it goes to the activation screen. Hitting the back button takes you to the screen with the little green dude in the middle and every time I touch a corner it doesn't do anything. Touching the bottom corners in sequence just pushes those soft buttons and moves to the next step.
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