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Root Deleting first bootscreen


Jul 29, 2010
HI all,

I have A rooted htc desire. ithas no telstra bloatware, and is running froyo.
the android 2.2 one with the software from here:

How To: Install Froyo On An HTC Desire | I Can Has Pi?

does anyone know where the file is found which has the very first image when you boot your phone - the screen prior to the boot animation ?

because itis the last piece of telstra annoyance that needs to go.

Hi vincheezel i have had no luck with this either..... sadly...done quite alot of searching around too.

i am happy with everything apart from this one niggling little startup screen.

if you have already rooted your phone with froyo / unrevoked what is the method to lose this boot screen ? at startup ?

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