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Deleting Scenes


Dec 12, 2009
Does anyone know how to delete created "my scenes"? After messing around I'd prefer to use the scenes already installed (social, work, etc), but I'm not seeing the option to delete the scenes I created and saved under different names.


It looks like if one makes any adjustments to the pre-set scenes, one has to save those changes as a new scene, it won't save the adjustments made to the original scene. For instance, I went to HTC's social scene, and made a few adjustments (the clock, a few widgets). It asked me to save the changes, but instead of saving them to the social scene, I was asked to name a new scene.

I love the idea of the scenes, but if I have to save a new scene every time I want to alter one of the originals, I'm going to end up with a huge number of scenes. Ridiculous
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Wow, a great tip that actually works! Thanks!

Now, I'm curious as to another similar issue:
I have just 2 scenes setup currently - one called DEFAULT, and the other 'was' called MUSIC/SHOP/PLAY. But I noticed that whenever I would go to switch between the scenes, it would prompt me to save the changes to the CURRENT scene, which is always listed as 'Custom 1' if I had made even the simplest change (like updating an icon). So I would have to carefully type out the exact name of my scene so that it would prompt to 'replace' the scene instead of creating another new one, which is probably why people end up with so many scenes.

- Is there an easier way to tackle this so that it defaults to saving your current scene without always having to give it a name again???

For now, I retitled my 'MUSIC/SHOP/PLAY' scene to just 'B'. Much easier to type out, but not as informative.
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