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Desire C vs Wildfire S

As above really, I have the WFS and am looking for a phone for the wife, nearest I can get to the WFS is the Desire C, how do they compare?

My girlfriend has the Wildfire S. I very nearly got one, but delayed getting one and got the Desire C instead.

In many respects the Wildfire S is actually a much better quality phone. Here's the major things I've noticed between them:

Desire C advantages compared with Wildfire S

- More storage (1Gb available rather than around 100-200mb as on the Wildfire S). This is a significant improvement because on the Wildfire S you're severely limited in terms of app storage.

- NFC (not sure this will really be that useful in the short term).

- Slightly bigger screen.

- A few UI improvements thanks to Icecream Sandwich.

- I think the phone looks a bit smarter than the Wildfire S.

- My girlfriend has more problems with her Wildfire S running slowly and freezing than my Desire C, but I've not had the Desire C that long so it might not be comparable yet.

Desire C disadvantages compared with Wildfire S

- No gorilla glass like the Wildfire S

- No flash on the camera

- No auto focus on the camera (for me this makes the camera useless for anything other than posting photos to Facebook and is my biggest gripe with the phone. It does however make taking photos instant with no delay).

- Buttons don't light up and their haptic feedback vibration isn't as strong.

- No compass.

- Only 5 home screens instead of 7 (not a big deal) and doesn't have the ability to zoom out and view all home screens next to each other (again not a big deal given the other improvements that ICS brings).

- No LED on the front for notifications. This is annoying because you don't know if you have a notification without unlocking the phone. On the plus side my girlfriend tells me the blinking LED notifications on her Wildfire S are not especially consistent or reliable.
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