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Help Desire on orange issues, please help


Nov 3, 2010
I'm getting massive signal variations from 4 bars to dreaded zero. I know this is nothing new from various forums but I couldn't see a fix, just a huge number of others with similar issues pulling their hair out.

I have two days before I'm tied in for 24 months and I'm thinking I'm going to have to cancel. Its no use to me if it will just disconnect calls in mid conversation

Shame as I love this phone apart from this and I get special rates as my mate works for Orange.

Has it been resolved?

(it arrived from Orange with 2.2 already on if this helps)
Find a carrier that will cover where you live, you'll end up hating the phone because of the carrier.
Although I just re-read and saw you get special rates :D Does it not switch to T Mobile?

Posted during the above post.. sorry for repeating what was said

Its worth noting that I work at Sellafield which runs Orange for the works phones and my work Nokia 6220 classic gets a consistent 6bar 3G signal there whereas my desire is up and down between 1 and 3 out of 4.

So I don't think its just Orange, the phone is the problem as well
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