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Desire or Wildfire S

i havent had the desire, but ive worked with the wildfire, the wildfire is alright.. a good entry level android and really smartphone altogether.. i think it runs android 2.1 if im not mistaken, not interested in seeing what it really is right now.. but trust me, its by no means fun once u get to know it... when u first start you say "this is great!" then when u get to know it better... u want the full experience.. its like a teaser of android really... and a teaser of HTC altogether..
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The Wildfire's screen (at least the old one) is quite pixelated. I've seen many people regret getting one because of that. As others have said, the size is limiting. You can't get a decent keyboard, for instance.

I had the Desire, then upgraded to the Desire HD. I loved them both. My DHD just broke, so I will probably move onward and upward.

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Thanks everyone really apreciate it :D hows the speakers on the desire for making phone calls heard a few rumblings about it
The speakers are terrible, but I personally hardly ever make calls on speakerphone mode.

How's the quality if you use it to listen to music? Over earphones, I mean?
The quality of music using good in-ear headphones is fine.
The standard HTC headphones are very basic and don't have enough volume.
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