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Help Desire uninstall and manage apps questions


May 18, 2010
Hello. I recently bought a HTC Desire (so i'm new to it) and I downloaded a few *.apk files from my leptop to my Desire threw bluetooth. After that i installed them (i dont even know where cause there was no path). And the ones i did not like i uninstalled from "settings - manage applications".

1.So i was wondering if, after uninstall everything about that app is deleted or that apk file is still somewhere in the phone and the app can be installed once again? 2. and if yes how can i delete that file cause i don't want to fill up the storage with things that are not usefull?
3.how do i know where the app installs... or does it install on the phone, till storage fills up than installs on card? i also have app called OI File Manager but folder and files seem to be scattered all over... maybe it is not a good one... 4.what app would you suggest i use?

Thanks in advance
Apps (.apk) download onto the phone's memory. When you uinstall, the apps (.apk) are gone from your phone. If you want to double check if the apps uninstall properly, go back to setting ->application and you shouldn't be able to see the app anymore.

Apps that have the ability to write/edit your SD Card, when you uninstall it, would everything related to the apps uninstall? I think it depends on the apps itself, example, if you have a 3rd party camera app, you definitely dont' want it to delete your photos that are saved on the SD card when you uninstall it!

When you download an app, it shows you what kind of permission it requires. If it doesn't ask for write/edit to SD card, then everything is installed to the phone and if you edit files (ex note app) then it too is saved to memory. If it does have write/edit SD card permission, the app (.apk) is saved to memory but anything you add/edit on the app is saved to the SD card.

Haven't used OI File Manager, I am currently using Astro File Manger. OI seems to be a more basic File Manager compare to Astro. One thing I like about Astro is that it has task killing cababilities in it. Another good File Manager that I've just downloaded is called EStrong, it's even more feature rich than Astro. One thing I like about EStrong is its ability to zip/unzip and access files on your computer from yor phone. I've included links to both of them for you.

To get a better understanding of how Android, I'd recomend you read this thread (one of the most useful threads on AF): http://androidforums.com/android-ap...ps-avoid-viruses-guide-those-new-android.html

Hope that answers your question :) and enjoy your Desire!

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I have already found that a few apps left bits behind on the sd card, mostly just folders, but still...

I find that when I want to look right through my sd files, the best way is to mount it as a USB memory device on the pc, then just use My Computer.

With the phone plugged into the PC, you can change the connection type from the notifications screen on the phone.
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I've noticed that after deleting an app, whilst the installed program goes from the internal memory, the apk file remains on sd. I ran an app called app installer a
And was surprised to find many applications that I had deleted. This meant I could either delete the apk fully, or as I deleted a lot of apps due to a lack of internal memory - leave the apk on the SD card if I was ever likely to reinstall an app, without having to download again. Older versions of installed apps would be found here as well.
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