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Feb 27, 2012
I just bought a brand new Transformer TF700.
I had this accident where I dropped it from about 2 feets to the ground while it was inside its cover (the corner of the power button was slightly deformed)
The TF700 kept working fine but for the power button, which someimes got stucked and caused a full reset.
Long story short, I am a potz. Trying to fix the button I opened the TF700 as described in ifixit site. All well. And noticed the frame was curved in a very very imperceptible way, on the corner it fell. So I straigthtened it with a soft hammer and a wood pin. Meanwhile the TF700 was sometimes turning on and reseting, because of the stucked button. I could see the LCD working fine.
this fixed the button, but sometime in the process the LCD ribbon got dettached, and since it does not show anything. The digitizer works, I can hear the clicks of the keyboard, and If I hold a long press I feel the vibration of full reset/power off.

I tried to reconnect the ribbon, by pressing it back into place, but it always seems a little loose. I don't know if I have to call it quits or I am not reconnecting it properly.
Any help will be appreciated.

I feel relieved that I found the solution. I considered deleting the post, but better to post how I fixed it, for all other potzs out there.
The ribbon connector does not connect by pressing in the ribbon, it has a small white stripe which has to be lifted before putting the ribon in, and then it secures the ribbon in place. That's it. Better a silly simple solution than a long lab trip.


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