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Root "Developer" in the making ?


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Jul 7, 2013
Any body know any websites or videos where I could get some "training" on becoming a developer. I've seen what Roms, themes etc... can do to phones and i think that's awesome. Plus if I could learn some more about "developing"maybe I could contribute to the forums. I'm gonna stick to this phone for a little while so out would be nice if I could play with it. Modding in general is a cool concept.
What are the differences. Name some examples please if you know

Source built is in my opinion is what a true developer is. They use code from sources like asop, caf, cyanogenmod, or other sources and compile a ROM from lines of code. That takes a lot of time and a lot of computer, but almost always results in the best end product because it is specifically written for a particular device. Then there is the second class of developer such as myself who by all rights be called a modder. We take things such as the stock ROM and edit them to suit our needs, or do what is referred to as a KANG build. A KANG build is taking someone else's work and then making it run on another device. Sounds bad on paper but this is boe most ROMs are built in the world of prepaid cellular.
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