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Root Development thread

Here is the JB+ v1.2.1.apk digital alarm clock,Works great:
http://www59.zippyshare.com/d/36874962/919086/Clock JB+ v1.2.1.apk
Widget is very nice too.

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Has anyone flashed and used the 4.2 camera and Google now successfully without problems?

Yes,But before I did I created a backup in CWM and unistalled the original camera app with FX Explore.Then flashed the 4.2 camera app and everything went great.
The reason I uninstalled the original is I tried it with the original and I had 2 icons with 2 camera apps.
Clear the original camera data and force stop it before you uninstall it.

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I used to have a tablet on jelly bean, the Google now uploaded here must be very old because it's lacking a lot of features and looks nothing like what I had on my tablet. I can't say Google and have it search for me, there's no mysterious woman that talks to me.

I found a bug, with the camera upgrade also came an update to the look of gallery, if you go to gallery, open a picture, bring up the options menu and tap "edit", gallery crashes.
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