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Device storage - Apps location - rooting methods

Mtn Drew

Aug 11, 2021
Hi everyone, just signed up here and actually this is my first time joining a forum so I'm apologizing ahead of time if I make any silly mistake
So I have a Galaxy 10e and a TabA 2020 which I've added an SD card (125GB) on both devices. I started getting almost out of storage space on my tablet due to it's internal storage space being a joke. I went into Developer Options so I could switch as many apps as possible to the SD card in order to free up internal storage. Well I then noticed the apps I moved to the external were back on the internal. Not only that but I started seeing apps listed that weren't installed by me and hence the repeated internal storage almost full. I did find out that when the play store did app updates, they were the ones putting apps back to internal device so I stopped the automatic updates.
1.I was wondering if anyone knows why and how I can keep the apps I've transferred to external storage there
2. Does anyone know of a good android root that's simple enough for a novice as myself to install. I did come across the Magisk root but need to more research on it
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So you've got 128gb and 32gb of internal storage. You can't change that, even if you root it.
And not all apps can be moved to the external storage, that's dependant on if the app developers give it that option.

I though that if I rooted the device I would be able to remove some preloaded apps that were not essential to the device's operation
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I though that if I rooted the device I would be able to remove some preloaded apps that were not essential to the device's operation
you do not necessarily have to root to delete apps, but you are right to delete system apps which all bloatware is you will need to gain root access to do it.

main thing is do your research xda is the place to start your research. it is where developers will post their guides to root, as well as custom roms and recoveries. having a custom recovery is THE MOST important tool you will need. if you plan on deleting stuff, having a custom recovery(i recommend twrp) is extremely important. with twrp you can make nandroid backups which is a complete copy of your phone. if you mess up and delete the wrong thing, you can easily restore back.

but the main thing is to read, read, and then read some more before attempting to root. and please feel free to ask questions before you do. also keep in mind that rooting is very device specific....so make sure that your model numbers match up with the guides that @Dannydet linked you to before you root your devices.

good luck.
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