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Help did froyo kill my micro sd card


Aug 4, 2010
idk if froyo killed my memory card :thinking:

any chance? and yes i always unmounted first

i realized when it was so slow in the gallery only to look at my pics. then i went to settings and for avaiable and total space (sd card) it said "00" for each

so, it turns out that my memory card needed to be formatted cause when i plugged it usb to the PC it said it needed to be formatted so i grabbed my wifes BB bold and blue toothed some stuff over cause the email attachments were locking up also and then i used a spare micro sd that memory card is still shot i cant re format it :mad:

now i guess i need a new one. im looking at the duracell 16GB with my 25% disc its 37.50
I don't know if it was the update that caused it for me or what did it, but my card became corrupted, and I lost over 6GB of MP3s I had stored on the card. The rest of the data on the card seems fine, but the folder that had all my music in it was corrupted and unrecoverable. Ended up copying everything else off the card onto my laptop, formatting the card, then copied everything else back, and haven't had any more problems. At least not yet anyways...
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