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Root Dinc will not boot to recovery or regular image, stock RUU gives error 155?


Dec 19, 2013
Okay, here is my hboot:

*** UNLOCKED ***
incred. xd ship s-on
touch panel-atmelc03-16ac
Apr 24 2012 22:58:40


Phone came into my hands boot-looping, was locked and S-OFF. Saw it was already at Hboot 1.07, unlocked it without running the RUU from HTC Dev since it was already updated. Got to unlocked, s is still on.

Tried to boot into recovery partition to see what had been on the phone originally, phone hangs at HTC Incredible white screen. Flashed CWR and then TWRP, fastboot says flashes working successfully, but never actually boots into recovery -- sits at that screen forever.

None of the stock RUUs, including the one from HTC Dev, will apply to try to reimage the boot, they all give error 155. Despite the first thing me trying being trying to get a custom recovery on this, I've failed at that so far. It parsed the ENG 0.77 Hboot flash zip file but did not run it, I assume because it's still s-on and there was no .md5 file (is there a way to take the md5 hash written out beside it and make a .md5 to put with it to hash verify? Pardon if that's a stupid question and that's all the .md5s are but a string of characters in a file).

I'm still a bit of a newb at this. Is there a way to get S-OFF from the bootloader itself, without being able to get into a recovery or a booted image?

I really don't know what happened to get the phone in this state. However, it appears to be on the latest Verizon radio and has an Hboot of 1.07, so the user previous to me may have played with the machine some. It was not unlocked, or even relocked, though.

Thanks for your help!
Unfortunately,there is no ruu for the most recent firmware.

Your best bet will be to unlock,install recovery,and change the main version so you can run an older ruu.

Follow the guide at the top of the page to unlock,downgrade,and s off with htcdev. You'll need to tweek the directions slightly,as you'll need to enter the adb commands in recovery,instead of the booted os. You'll need to adb shell mount /data prior to running any adb commands. If you search the thread,I'm pretty sure there is discussion of doing the process with a nonbooting phone in a similar situation.

Just holler in that thread if you have questions :)
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