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Help disable corporate sync email reminder?


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Sep 19, 2010
Hi everyone!

I love that the corporate sync email allows me to delete emails on hotmail now! Anyways, I have two accounts registered through this account type. I like getting the first beep saying I have an email, but how can I get the reoccuring reminder beeps to stop?? Sometimes I dont have time to check the email account, and I hate that it keeps beeping at me even though there are no additional unread emails.

Open one so you can see emails, then tap menu button, then choose "email settings". Notifications will be at the top.

Make sure ringtone is silent. You might have to do this with other email accts, if you have more than one (like I do).

The only way to get rid of the reminder is to have a silent ringtone? I actually liked the "look at me" ringtone I had, but I only wanted it to go once, not repeat! lol.
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I don't make the news, just report it. :D

Doesn't it just ring every time a new email comes in?

I have my email notification always turned off. I keep my phone near me, even at night and don't appreciate those stupid early-morning spam reports waking me.

haha touche!
Mine keeps reminding me about every 15 minutes. Highly unnecessary.

I keep my phone by me too, but I make the technology work for me and I told it to be quiet from 1130 pm to 6 am. Im sneaky like that. :)
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I have the same problem. The email reminder goes off every 15 mins or so. Not just when a new one comes in. If I set my sync to stop at 10pm and I get an email at 10:01pm and don't look at it, I get a reminder tone (same as the new message tone) all night.

I would like to have the reminder only go off once with every new email. I have tried looking for apps, no luck yet.
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