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Disable Google Play Services


Nov 16, 2021
I have a Moto G 2021 and when I got it I did not realize that almost everything is by Google or tied to Google. I use my phone for: voice calls, texting and a bit of browsing on web with Chrome, plus hotspotting to get my internet access. I will probably get an alternate browser in near future. Haven't yet decided what one.

I have disabled everything that I don't use or don't want to use - at this point in time. If I disable Goggle Play Services will it mean my voice calls, texting and hotspotting will not work???

By the by I don't like Google at all!!
Just install apps that are not Google.
Calls will not be effected unless you are using Google voice
Firefox is a good alternative browser.
Textra is a very good alternative to the Google Messages app.
Hotspot has nothing to do with Google.
Technically you won't lose your ability for calls texts or Hotspot no matter what but it's your choice
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Thankyou for the information. I will look into the suggested alternatives. My phone is a Moto G Power 2021. After getting it I looked on-line and found out that Motorola downgraded it from the previous version!! Such a progressive approach to customer satisfaction. If i have to get another phone in future I will go back to Samsung.
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