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Disabling Mobile Internet


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Dec 1, 2009
Hey, I'm hopefully getting this phone soon, but I have a quick question before I do. I'd be using the Hero without a data plan for at least the first few months, therefore i was wondering if it is possible to disable all forms of mobile internet. I still want WiFi, but nothing I will be charged for such as GSM/GPRS etc. I'm sure this will be possible but I want to be sure before I buy :).

Oh, and what's battery life like?

Thanks for your help :)
If you go with the G2, you will be dependent on T-Mobile for releasing any future phone updates from HTC.......when the latest firmware was released from HTC, Orange & T-Mob users had to wait longer for their versions.

If it were me, I would go for the Vanilla Hero (i.e. not Orange or T-Mobile branded).
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Hmm, going with T-Mobile might be the best option. Am I right in thinking that the G2 is identical to the Hero in everything but name? I still want the same options to customise the phone with different ROMs or whatever.

The T-mobile is identical to a standard hero, there are only 3 small custamisations t-mobile have made:

a) There is a T-Mobile Logo on the front where the HTC one is
b) It shows the T-Mobile logo on start up
c) The default home page in the browser is T-Mobile's page.

If you want to Root and use custom ROM's then you will have no problems, but if you are stayign with offical releases, the previous poster is right in that T-Mobile took forever to get the last update out (hopefully they will be a bit more on the ball this time!)
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Ok, thanks for all your help guys. I'm pretty much set on getting the G2. However, I notice T-Mobile do preowned G2s online as well, and they're quite a bit cheaper. Does anyone have any experience of the condition T-Mobile's preowned handsets come in?

Last question I promise :p
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