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Disappearing icons and messed up icon labels?


Deleted User

Recently purchased an HTC Droid Eris, and I'm loving it. However, I have a few issues:

A few of the apps that I've downloaded (iMusic, Where) seem to have lost their icons! What I mean is the space where the icon should be is completely blank, but the label (the text underneath where the icon should be) is still there.

Another issue I've got is that a few of my apps (Translate, Meebo, Dolphin Browser) seem to have messed up labels. The icon is fine, but the text underneath them is all screwed up. For instance, instead of "Dolphin Browser", it says "Login success.", and instead of "Meebo", it says "com.meebo.accounts.AC...".

Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a known bug and, if so, is there a fix?
seems to happen only for specific apps, two of which you mentioned happend for myself also. along with that i've had an issue with swift losing its icon, as well as seesmic and the all star baseball game losing their names and showing a coding.

If you uninstall/reinstall it'll fix until the next time you turn your phone off and back on.

The fix should be included in the december 11 update.
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