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Root [DISCUSSION][PORT] Tasssadar's MultiROM for the Optimus V

mediafire, megaupload, multiupload... my v is my net connection, and i hate to tether just to download.
those sites sometimes work for me and sometimes not. they change file types or refuse to push the download. inconsistently, of course.

Naturally. I have a pretty fast connection, if you email it to me, I could put it on my mediafire page. If you're hesitant, I understand. I'm just trying to come up with options for you.
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ive got a couple questions before i dive in..does this effect battery life?
does it effect performance?
how many roms could i have at one time?

The recovery won't impact battery life. A rom running from the sd card won't be as fast as one on internal memory. You can probably get as many roms as you have space for on the card.
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